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Matte Lightroom Presets – Mobile


Do you feel like you have amazing photos, but they just don’t look quite right together in your feed or hung up on your wall?

We’ve been in your shoes! Our matte filter Lightroom presets are the answer! These one-click presets are easy to install and use. Make your dream of Instagram fame (or just a nice living room wall!) a reality.

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“My photos are great, but they just don’t look cohesive together.”

Sound familiar?

We’ve been in your shoes. As someone who has loved photography since I can remember (and broken more cameras than I can count!), it’s frustrating when you’ve spent days, months, or years learning how to perfect your shots, only to find that your photos look spectacular on their own, but not in a collection.

We struggled with the same thing, comparing ourselves to our favorite bloggers who seemed to so effortlessly post photos without a care in the world and have an epic-looking Instagram feed as they lounged on beaches in Bali.

So how do they do it?

It seems that the answer is Lightroom presets. They created Lightroom presets that made it much less time-consuming to edit and helped their feeds look cohesive.

So that’s what we did! These matte filter Lightroom preset for mobile are what we use to edit all of our photos for our @VoyagingVeg Instagram account, so you know it works well on food and people!

So, if you’re ready to make your dreams of Instagram fame and blogging success a reality, invest in these matte Lightroom presets!

What’s Included in the Matte Filter Lightroom Presets for Mobile?

  • 10 Lightroom mobile presets (DNG) files
  •  Lightroom preset installation guide for both mobile and desktop which details how to install and use presets including minor adjustments to make the most of them!

Don’t worry if you’re not sure what DNG files are. Our installation guide makes it easy to install on the free Lightroom mobile app and to learn how to use them. You can also head to click here to check out our video installation guide.

You can always DM us on Instagram or email us at to get help installing and using these Lightroom presets.

What Photos Does the Matte Filter Collection Work For?

The matte filter collection is designed to work with all the types of photos that you might be taking with your phone. So whether that’s food shots or photos of your dog or your friends, these presets are met to give your photos a consistent look while smoothing skin, brightening colors, and giving your photos the little extra TLC that they deserve.

Who Is the Matte Collection For?

Do you have a phone? Do you take pictures? Do you post them online or print them out? Then the matte filter Lightroom preset collection is for you!

Taking photos but not editing them is like making cake batter but not making it – it’s just not quite in its best form yet!

If you really want to take your photography game to the next level, invest in the full matte Lightroom preset collection for both mobile and desktop!

Download the Matte Filter Lightroom Preset Mobile Collection Today!

Ready to take your photography to the next level? There’s no better time to invest and learn a new skill than today! Download it today!

Due to the digital nature of these products, no refunds are available in any circumstances. Please email if you have any technical problems with purchasing.

1 review for Matte Lightroom Presets – Mobile

  1. Diva Wong

    This matte filter presets were amazing. Easy to download with clear instructions. The presets worked with nearly all my photos and were exactly the filters I liked. I like that it gave me a good starting point into the direction I would like to edit my photos and made my photos look outstanding! I also really liked that a black and white preset was included. Even though I don’t use black and white for my photos at all, it gives me the option to use it! This collection gives a full body range for someone who is just looking for a preset to start with, from colourful to muted to black and white. I could tell a lot of hard work went into creating this preset, bravo! If you are starting out with presets, this would be the one to get!

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